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White Galaxy 1m Wide PVC Wall Panel
  • White Galaxy 1m Wide PVC Wall Panel

White Galaxy 1m Wide PVC Wall Panel

The pvc wall panel design is growing in popularity for home owners,hotels and restaurants.The marble manel is ideal for showers,bathrooms,kitchens,toliets, and as been used as a featured wall in many homes and commercial premises
1m Wide PVC Wall Panel -
White Galaxy

Our wall panel is fully waterproof, low maintenance and easy to fit. A great alternative to tiles its the simplest way of giving your bathroom a make-over. Available in various finishes, the Reef wall panel is suitable for use in wet or dry areas and feature a robust tongue and groove fitting while its easy clean surface makes it hygienic. 

Product Details
  • Brand: Mere
  • Finish: White Galaxy
  • Height: 2400mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • 10mm thickness
  • Waterproof
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Very low maintenance
  • No grout to discolour
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for dry & wet areas
  • Hygienic, easy clean surface
  • Class 1 fire rated
10 Year guarantee


You are a pvc wall panels/ceiling panels factory manufacture or trading company?
Dear, we are the pvc wall panels and pvc ceiling panels factory, we have 32 product lines. and our products range is very large.

Where can I use pvc panels cladding?
It is most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms but can be used in any part of the house. The simply pvc panels cladding range is ideal where there is high intensity usage, for example in commercial environments.

How many pvc wall panels or ceiling panels will I need?
If using the standard décor range the pvc wall panels are 250mm wide and either 2.7 or 2.6m high, enough for the vast majority of rooms.
A 1 meter wide wall will therefore need 4 panels. A standard bathroom that is 2m by 2m would have about 8 meters of wall would therefore need about 32 panels .if you are not sure, just give us a call!

How do I fix the pvc wall panels/sheet or pvc ceiling panel?
On a porous surface use a solvent free adhesive. We recommend our solvent free pink grip . If fixing straight on to tiles then we recommend a silicone, pvc wall panels can also be fixed directly on to a wooden frame using staples.

Can I really just fix on the top of tiles?
Yes, that’s what makes cladding so easy! Just make sure that you use a silicone adhesive.

Are the pvc wall panels/ceiling panels watertight?
Yes, the PVC wall panels/ceiling are perfect for wet areas, we do, however, recommend using s bead of silicone between each panel and trim to ensure a completely water-tight seal. We also advise a clad seal strip around a bath or a shower.

How much adhesive do I need?
We recommend about one tube for two panels.

How do I cut the pvc wall panels/ceiling panel?
Easily, with a fine tooth saw

Can I use the pvc wall panels/sheet in the kitchen?
The pvc panels are ideal for use in a kitchen. However, we strongly recommend that a heat resistant splash back is used near any hob. 

Can spotlights be fitted?
Yes, and they look great. However, ensure that they are fitted using low voltage transformers and low wattage bulbs or LEDs.

How do I clean the pvc wall panels/ceiling panels?
The pvc wall panels are very easy maintaining using a soft lint-free cloth and soapy water.
Do not use bathroom or kitchen cleaners or abrasive materials.

Are your pvc wall panels hygiene rated?
All our simply cladding panels are fully hygiene rated and ideal for commercial environments such as hospitals, kitchens, restaurants and bars.

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